Goodboards Snake

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Comfortable Freeride / Carbon / Gelenk/Knieschonend / Rocker Shape

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Das Snake von Goodboard

Goodboards Snake Kiteboard Freeride Eigenschaften

The anti-chop technology makes the SNAKE a particularly comfort-oriented kiteboard.

The wavy sidecut easily cuts through troubled water, making it noticeably gentle on the knee and the joints. This unusual shape extends the effective edge, the smoothness is increased, while the SNAKE turns easier and generates less water.

With the highest quality materials and a sophisticated construction, all kiteboards from our collection are very durable and powerful.

  • • Less stress on the knee load
  • - • Longer kite sessions
  • -  • Easier turning and upwind
  •  • Less splashing water
  •  • Lightweight 137cm 2,5Kg, 141cm 2,6Kg

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