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Kiting in Bavaria and more ...


You want to kite in or around Munich resp. Bavaria, but you don´t know the best spots and how to rate our specific wind conditions?

No problem! We from will help you to find the right spot, so that you can have fun!

Please note:

The winds in interior- or mountain areas are rather gusty, they turn quickly or intermit suddenly. Because of these special challenges, interior kiting requires high control and a safe handling of your material. The abilities to go upwind and bodydrag safely are necessary preconditions for an auspicious start at Bavarian kite spots (this also applies for all interior places). Our advice: When you are new at a spot, ask one of the locals for any specific conditions you need to know about. Take your time to look for the best places to start and land your kite and also which kite sizes others of your weight fly. And: be courageous enough to maybe even leave it, if its beyond your skills. 

Kitespots in Bavaria 
Lake Ammer (Ammersee) 
West wind -> Herrsching
East / Northeast -> Eching Lake Starnberg (Starnberger See/ also called "Loisachsee")
West wind -> Ambach  
all directions  -> here we offer our   Fit-for-interior-kitesurfing-courses!

Kitespots Northern Sea 
Norddeich / Southwest – Northeast

Weather and wind forecasts and websites for further information:

To rely on wind forecast in interior- and mountain areas is not so easy, since there are many variables and local influences, they don´t incorporate in their calculations. Why we say that? Because some of our wind systems rely on local thermal lifts, which often are not considered by online weather services. Therefore we recommend to have a look at different forecasts to locate any trends. There is no guaranty, but with a little bit of experience you will diminish the number of unsuccessful attempts.  (Herrsching, Lake Ammer)

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