TRUst ME GUaranty

    We check every used kite! 

You are looking for a used kite, but you don´t wanna buy a pig in a poke?

We check every used kite before selling it!
Before we put a kite on our "used" page, it will be controlled thoroughly by us.  

+ Complete tightness test 
+ Length control and trim of all lines 
+ Visual control of line quality
+ Check and trim bar and safety system
+ Bridle measuring / trim for foil kites

So you can be sure that you will have fun when you go kiting! 

Session Safe with our TRUMEGU: even we don´t know how long a used bladder will be okay, how long a valve will last etc. Therefore we always provide you with a kite repair set from Dr. Tuba for every kite purchased with us by TRUMEGU. So you can easily repair your bladder or valve on your own if it breaks anytime. Why we do that? Cause your session is our mission!