Why Kitejunkie?

Because we love kiting!


What to do if something just catches you and you don´t wanna do anything else anymore? No idea, what YOU would do then ... ;) But for me it was crystal clear that there exists something more important in life than money and "success".  Because whats the use of a successful IT-company, if you only think about kite surfing or check out the latest kites/kiteboards every free minute? And why do anything else than this most interesting thing till 4 pm, why wait before the most interesting part of the day finally arrives? 


Our kite shop is located in Munich/Haar -> Kitejunkie Shop Haar 


Die Crew Mischa, Susi, Markus, Gianluca, Patrick, Manuel Julia und co check it out!

The Kitejunkie team riders check it out!

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Kite shop munich
Online shop
Kite school for land water snow -> including a station at Lake Resia 
Repair service

Cant get enough? Check out our blog: KJ4L.com . There we show you how we live and what we do. 


We follow our dreams and thats often not the primerose path. ;) 

What we wanna say by that? That an important aspect of kiting is having contact to nature, and that means sessions will be different every day. There are days when nature disappoints us and next time she gifts us with the best session ever – just as it is. 

And because we rely on this mother nature, wo gives us the opportunity to kite, we try to act sustainable and dispatch our parcels CO2 neutral. We reuse packages multiple times – not to save money, for sure not, since storage and recycling is much more expensive than just taking a new one. For us it´s a matter of protecting our environment. For that reason we also refrain from using popular plastic airbags for dispatch. Of course we also use eco-power (100% renewable energies in our case). 

And we also reward loyality. A maybe uncommon example: our truck "Dough" accompanys us and our team riders since 2012 and already has 
over o800.000KM on the clock (of course not only because of us). Hes not really comfortable to sit in and drive anywhere, he´s not luxurious or a status symbol, but he is a loyal staff member and will stay with us as long as any possible.